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ABSTRACT: Regional Geologic Framework of Santa Maria and Santa Barbara Channel Basins: Potential Productive Structural and Stratigraphic Trends

ALTOBELLI, RANDALL W., CRAIG K. OGAWA, and ROBERT D. EDWARDS, Minerals Management Service, Camarillo, CA

Knowledge of the regional geologic framework of the Pacific outer continental shelf (OCS) is important to the exploration and development of hydrocarbon reserves located within the Pacific region. The Santa Maria and Santa Barbara Channel basins, located offshore south-central California, are two important basins supporting development in the Pacific OCS.

Multiple structural and stratigraphic trends were analyzed within these two basins. Analysis for similar types of trends can be applied to undeveloped areas in the two basins and to other basins offshore central and northern California. Multiple-zone, productive reservoirs are identified in both the Santa Maria and Santa Barbara Channel basins. Similar types of reservoirs are anticipated in undeveloped areas throughout the Pacific offshore basins.

Significant hydrocarbon reserves have been proved in the Santa Maria and Santa Barbara Channel basins. Exploration and development of undrilled, undeveloped areas will result in additional proved reserves.


AAPG Search and Discovery Article #91016©1992 AAPG-SEPM-SEG-EMD Pacific Section Meeting, Sacramento, California, April 27-May 1, 1992 (2009)