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ABSTRACT: Petroleum Industry Principles for Environmental Management

WELLS, DICK, Australian Petroleum Exploration Association Limited

Conservation and the protection of the environment and economic development are interdependent. It is a paradox that, while further economic development runs the risk of environmental damage if adequate environmental controls are not maintained, the world economy will be unable to pay for environmental protection without further economic growth and wealth creation.

In Australia, despite an excellent records in environmental management, the petroleum industry increasingly is being denied access to prospective areas for exploration and development. The declaration of marine parks in particular poses a serious threat to the survival of the Australian petroleum industry.

APEA urges the adoption of multiple and sequential use, in both marine and terrestrial areas, as the essential basis for any effective long term resource use policy in Australia. Sustainable development will require great care in the development and use of more of the Earth's resources. Nevertheless, two fundamental facts must be emphasized: (1) resources development can take place in environmentally sensitive locations without adversely affecting natural conservation values, and: (2) application of adequate environmental controls under a multiple land use system is a prerequisite for sustainable development.

This paper identifies those procedures which the Australian petroleum industry adopts to ensure the highest possible levels of environmental management and outlines the administrative procedures which the petroleum industry advocates for the application of an effective resource use policy in Australia.


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