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ABSTRACT: Scientific Drilling Results in the basins of the Asian Pacific

RABINOWITZ, P., T. FRANCIS, J. ALLAN, J. FIRTH, T. JANECEK, and L. STOKKING, Ocean Drilling Program, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

Between 1988 and 1990, six cruises of the Ocean Drilling Program research drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution have been directed toward investigating processes associated with the formation of basins of Asian Pacific. These scientific programs addressed (1) determination of age, stratigraphy, paleoceanography and state of crustal stress within the marginal basins of the Celebes and Sulu Seas (Leg 124); (2) the origin and evolution of the Izu-Bonin and Mariana forearc terranes and the processes and products of rifting and the recycling of subducted lithosphere and evolution of mantle in these two arc systems (Legs 125 and 126); (3) determination of the nature and age of the basinal basement and the tectonic manner in which the Japan Sea rifted open, the determination of the age of the on et of convergence in the northeast Japan Sea and the acquisition of downhole measurements that would help constrain the Japan Sea stress environment (Legs 127 and 128); and (4) study of the confluence of pore fluids and the hydrology of the Nankai Trough accretionary prisms, including the mechanical state and physical properties of deformed sediments and fabric and structural style of accreted sediments (Leg 131).

The scientific results of these cruises which have yielded crucial and otherwise unattainable data for addressing the above problems will be presented.


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