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ABSTRACT: Experience with 200 Horizontal Wells

LINDAHL, GEORGE, III, T. R. SVOR, B. E. KLEINSORGE, and G. E. DRAKE, JR., Union Pacific Resources Company, Ft. Worth, TX

Union Pacific Resources is the world leader in the number of horizontal wells drilled and now producing. In the vertically fractured Cretaceous Chalks of South Texas, over 200 horizontal wells have been successfully completed. Horizontal technology has allowed the economic redevelopment and extension of old noncommercial fields.

Factors contributing to Union Pacific Resources Company's success include: (1) Integrated geological, geophysical, and engineering approaches to high grading land acquisitions and to selecting target zones for drilling and completion; (2) Extensive formation evaluation including open-hole logging of one third of our horizontal wells. Correlations between number and quality of fractures and well productivity and reserves have been developed; (3) Innovative, high-rate, high-volume stimulation of horizontal wells have added significant incremental reserves at extremely low cost.

Union Pacific Resources Company's experience with its first 200 horizontal wells are summarized with several field examples showing the economic importance of an integrated approach to horizontal drilling projects.


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