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ABSTRACT: Australia-Philippines Cooperation on Philippine Offshore Seismic Project

LEE, CHAO-SHING, Bureau of Mineral Resources, Australia, FREDDIE G. RILLERA and DAVID R. BALADAD, Office of Energy Affairs, Philippines

Australian Bureau of Mineral Resources is currently preparing a R/V Rig Seismic cruise for April/May 1992 to assist the Government of the Republic of the Philippines, through the Office of Energy Affairs, in undertaking technical and geoscientific programs to promote petroleum exploration in the Philippine offshore basins. This project is an Australian aid program and is funded by the Australian International Development Assistance Bureau.

The project involves the collection of 2500 km of modern multichannel seismic reflection data, plus hydrocarbon-detection geochemistry data and other underway geophysical data, over one to two selected offshore basins in Philippine waters. These data will be processed in Australia, integrated with existing exploration data from previous industry sources, then interpreted and analyzed for petroleum potential. The final analysis, together with the basic data, will be presented to the exploration industry, initially in the Philippines and Australia, and later internationally, in order to promote further exploration.

We have selected two basins, the southeast Luzon basin and East Palalawan Shelf, as the project planning and pre-survey study areas. Presently, we are studying the existing seismic and well data, processing the Landsat TM imagery data, and reprocessing some of seismic lines. These activities are aimed at a better understanding of the geology and petroleum potential of the areas, and subsequently to make an recommendation for the final selection of survey area.


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