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ABSTRACT: Marine Biology of an Oil Production Platform

FARRELL, PETER, and JOHN YEATES, AGC Woodward-Clyde, Western Operating Unit, Perth, Western Austalia, Australia

The Vicksburg is a jack-up production platform operated by WMC Petroleum 70 km offshore from Onslow on the northwest shelf of Western Australia. Sine 1987 the rig has been located in its present position in 20 m of water. In contrast to a common perception that oil production and associated facilities lead to a decrease in species abundance in marine environments, the species abundance around the Vicksburg was found to be high. The availability of sites for colonization and the protection afforded by the underwater structures of the rig provides available resource and refuge for marine organisms. The flora and fauna observed to be present are not commonly found in near coastal waters, and more closely resemble that of an oceanic atoll. The relatively short time period (~4 yr) over whi h the community has developed provides a valuable insight into rates of colonization.


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