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ABSTRACT: Reservoir Description and Engineering Analyses of McCreery and McCullum Units, Dale Consolidated Field, Franklin, Hamilton, and Saline Counties, Illinois

UDEGBUNAM, EMMANUEL O., D. SCOTT BEATY, and JOSEPH P. FAGAN, Illinois State Geological Survey, Champaign, IL

The McCreery and McCullum Units in the Dale Consolidated field located in Franklin, Hamilton, and Saline Counties, Illinois, have produced over 400,000 bbl of oil, mostly from stripper wells, since 1955. Production is from two adjacent sandstone reservoirs in the Mississippian Aux Vases Formation. Petrographic thin sections, X-ray diffraction (XRD), and petrophysical analyses of Aux Vases sandstone cores taken from the McCreery Unit indicated the effects of depositional environment and diagenesis on reservoir properties. Carbonate content increases with depth and causes a reduction in porosity and permeability that limits the influence of bottom-water. The spatial distribution of the reservoir properties needed for the reservoir simulation model was determined through integration of g ologic and reservoir data taken from the wells. A three-dimensional, black-oil, full-field simulation model was developed, calibrated to match the historical field and well production data, and used to determine the original oil-in-place and to compare the potential effects of various water-injection well placement options on incremental oil recovery. The model showed that a three-well peripheral water injection model gave an optimal incremental oil recovery. Three-dimensional visualizations of the reservoir model with computer graphics enhanced our interpretation of the reservoir processes.


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