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ABSTRACT: Collection and Analysis of Surface and Subsurface Previous HitSoilNext Hit Contaminated with Petroleum Products

LORING, JAMES L., Carnow, Conibear & Associates Ltd., Chicago, IL

The investigators ability to draw the proper conclusions about the presence, nature, and extent of contamination as a result of a release of petroleum products onto the ground surface or into the subsurface is dependent upon the quality and quantity of information known about the subsurface conditions at a site. As with most investigations, a large quantity of information cannot take the place of quality information about the specific release and about the site. When investigating the presence and/or extent of contamination related to a petroleum product release, accurate analysis is a necessity. The ability to determine the magnitude of contamination is, therefore, dependent upon the proper collection of quality chemical analysis and sound interpretation of analytical results. The pu pose of this presentation is to outline some of the issues related to the proper collection, analysis, and interpretation of Previous HitsoilTop samples in relation to petroleum product releases. The issues discussed are intended to be general in nature, such that they can be applied to underground storage tank closures, site investigations or investigations for a surface release from an above ground storage tank, or remediation at a variety of sites.


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