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ABSTRACT: Geologic and Production Comparisons of the New Albany Shale of the Illinois Basin With the Michigan Basin's Antrim Shale and the Appalachian Basin's Ohio Shale

FULMER, JEFFREY E., Eastern States Exploration Company, Alexandria, VA

The Upper Devonian New Albany Shale is a largely untapped, enormous hydrocarbon potential reservoir within the Illinois basin. As with the other key Eastern United States gas shales, the New Albany Shale is likely to become a significant contributor to drilling activity and production in the basin.

In considering the New Albany Shale as a viable exploration horizon, perhaps the strongest supporting evidence is provided by comparing its critical physical attributes and production capability with that of the Antrim Shale in the Michigan basin and with that of the Ohio Shale in the Appalachian basin. The New Albany Shale's potential Net Contributing Interval Thickness, type and amount of organic content, maturation, and potential for natural fracturing compare favorably with its time equivalent counterparts. Although reported production data from the New Albany Shale is very limited, published core sample gas release data can be used to arrive at per well reserve potential estimates.


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