--> --> Abstract: Petroleum Geology of the Paleogulf of Huamuxtitlan, Southern Mexico, by A. E. Oviedo; #91012 (1992).
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ABSTRACT: Petroleum Geology of the Paleogulf of Huamuxtitlan, Southern Mexico

OVIEDO, ADAN E., Petroleos Mexicanos, Mexico, D.F.

The Huamuxtitlan paleogulf is a Mesozoic continental fracture interior basin in southern Mexico in the Guerrero and Oaxaca states, related in its origin to the Gulf of Mexico evolution. Pemex has done surface geology, Previous HitmagnetometricTop, gravimetric, and geochemical prospecting.

The basement within the basin is formed by Paleozoic metamorphic rocks of the Acatlan Complex and represents a low-grade green schist facies related in metagenesis to the Appalachian orogeny.

Some 700 m of terrigenous and limestones from Pennsylvanian-Permian, 3600 m of volcanics, continental clastics, marine terrigenous, and limestones from Triassic-Cretaceous, and 800 m of continental clastics and volcanics rocks from Tertiary disconformably overlay the Acatlan Complex.

Deformation history for the Mesozoic and Tertiary rocks includes a late Cretaceous-Paleocene compression correlated to the Laramide orogeny that originated anticlines and associated thrust faults along a NNW-SSE trend as soon as Miocenic transpression related to pacific subduction phenomena that results in a strike-slip complex system.

Many oil shows are present in the Mesozoic rocks. The main source rocks belong to the Kimmeridgian-Tithonian shaly sequence with 3.55 organic carbon mean content and strongly mature algaceous organic matter according to the Thermal Alteration Index.

Reservoir rocks are Berriasian-Hauterivian terrigenous and Barremian-Cenomanian carbonates, and the seal rocks are the Albian-Cenomanian evaporite levels as well as Tertiary shaly-sandy rocks.

Burial graphics analyses show synchronization between trap formation time and hydrocarbon generation.

At present, Pemex is going to drill wells in order to evaluate the basin petroleum potential.


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