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The Montana Rivers Information System (MRIS) Database

STIMSON, JAMES R., Natural Resource Information System, Helena, MT

The MRIS database was developed by the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks and the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) with assistance from several state and federal agencies. Originally, BPA used data from the MRIS to identify environmental and institutional factors that could affect potential hydropower development in the Pacific Northwest. However, the database can also be used to address a variety of other types of information needs.

MRIS contains information pertaining to fisheries, wildlife, recreation, geologic features, and natural (biologic) features for over 3500 stream reaches in Montana. Information from the MRIS can be used to identify sites and features to examine during educational field trips; help document unique and valuable natural features; support resource planning activities; conduct preliminary evaluations of land values prior to acquisitions; and conduct preliminary assessments of potential impact to streams by proposed construction projects.

The MRIS user software and database can be easily loaded into any IBM-compatible computer using the MS DOS operating system. The database and user software require about 7 megabytes of hard-drive memory. The user interface provides straightforward menus and help screens to set up data retrievals, and NRIS provides training and support for the system.


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