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Rosedale Ranch Oil Field, New Shallow Pay in an Old Field

NAHAMA, RODNEY, and ROBERT STERLING, Nahama & Weagant Energy Company, Bakersfield, CA

The Rosedale Ranch oil field, located on Sec. 1, 2, T29S, R26E, in Kern County, California, was discovered by Chevron in 1959. The main pay zone was the Miocene Lerdo sandstone at 4400 ft depth. Sixty-four wells have been drilled to date by Chevron to develop the lower zone. Five wells were completed in the shallower Pliocene Etchegoin Formation. Nahama & Weagant Energy Company in 1985 drilled 3800 ft well based on a prospect by consultant Ernie Rennie to test the Etchegoin, resulting in a discovery. A total of 13 wells have been drilled to date producing approximately 500 BOPD from the Etchegoin with additional development potential present. The completion technique proved to be critical to good initial production. Nahama & Weagant Energy Company tried slotted lines against t e formation with poor results. Subsequent recompletions with undereaming, gravelpacking, and larger slotted lines have resulted in commercial rates out of the Etchegoin. The Rosedale Ranch oil field is located on a faulted anticlinal structure. The main fault is north-trending down to the basin normal fault. Oil produced from the Etchegoin is 13 degree gravity.


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