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Hydrocarbon Development in the Urban Sector--the Stockton Gas Field, San Joaquin County, California

LINDBLOM, R. G., Chevron U.S.A., San Ramon, CA, and R. K. HAHN, Chevron U.S.A., Bakersfield, CA

The Stockton gas field is located within the city limits of Stockton, California, in San Joaquin County on the east side of the Sacramento Valley. The field was discovered in 1983 by the Chevron USA, Stockton 1, R/D 1 well from Starky formation sands of upper Cretaceous age below 6500 ft vertical depth. The entrapment is caused by low amplitude closure on a northeast trending structure. Gas production is from three wells in an enclosed site with cumulative production of 5.1 billion ft3 as of January 1990.

Exploration interest in this area was the result of (1) regional subsurface mapping that indicated local thinning in shallow formations and pinchout of deeper sands; (2) detail review of seismic data; (3) nearby significant gas fields, Roberts Island and McDonald Island, caused by northeast trending anticlinal closure; and (4) early presence of produced gas in the area dating back to 1854 when water wells were completed from depths of 1000-2000 ft to augment the city's water and fuel needs.


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