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The Design of a Modern Steamflood in a Thick, Dipping, Heavy Oil Reservoir

ATKINSON, D. S., C. A. CLAYTON, J. O. BALDWIN, and R. C. SMITH, Mobil E&P U.S., Inc., Denver, CO

In 1988, Mobil completed the design phase of a new steamflood project. This project is in a thick, moderately dipping, unconsolidated heavy oil reservoir. The design takes advantage of the gravity drainage recovery mechanism in the thick reservoir, allowing vertical steam zone expansion with minimal steam breakthrough. The steamflood was designed to be economic in the late 1980's period of low oil prices. The design was completed with an interdisciplinary teamwork approach using concurrent studies for expediency.

This paper was first presented at the 1989 California Regional Meeting in Bakersfield. The presentation for this meeting will conclude with an update of project performance since 1989.


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