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Stratigraphic and Tectonic Framework of a New Petroleum Province in Romania: North Dobrogea-Adjoining Black Sea Continental Shelf

GRADINARU, EUGEN., DINU CORNELIU, and OVIDIU DRAGASTAN, University of Bucharest, Romania, and DORU LUTAC, Petromar Company, Bucharest, Romania

Our paper provides the first publicly available synthesis of the geologic data resulting from integrated analyses of multichannel-seismic profiles and boreholes, achieved during more than 15 years of petroleum exploration in the Romanian Black Sea continental shelf overlying the eastward extension of the Alpine North Dobrogean fold belt, where a new petroleum province is being developed.

A formally established lithostratigraphic sequence is introduced for the super-Triassic Mesozoic and lower Cenozoic rocks drilled in the studied area. Chronostratigraphic, seismostratigraphic, and paleoenvironmental interpretations are included. A tentative interpretation relating the depositional record in this area to the eustatic sea level history and global depositional cycles is attempted.

The major building events of this segment of the Romanian Black Sea continental shelf, where different tectonic styles were superimposed, are closely linked to the geological history of both the Alpine North Dobrogean foldbelt and the Black Sea basin.

Considerations about hydrocarbon source rocks and reservoir beds in the analyzed area, together with an assessment of future potential, will also be included.


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