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Palynostratigraphy of Northeast Libya

Arabian Gulf Oil Company, Benghazi, Libya, UNIVERSITY OF GARYOUNIS, Benghazi, Libya, and COMMISSION INTERNATIONALE DE MICROFLORE DU PALEOZOIC,* Nottingham, England

Although significant amounts of palynostratigraphic data relating to sections of various ages from different parts of North Africa were available, no formal proposal for an integrated comprehensive zonation applicable throughout the region existed. As the result of an 8-year program of research sponsored by Arabian Gulf Oil Co. (AGOCO) and carried out in cooperation with Garyounis University Research Centre and members of the Commission Internationale de Microflore du Paleozoique and AGOCO staff, a proposal has been presented for a formal palynostratigraphic zonation scheme which extends from the Ordovician to the Lower Cretaceous. The study based on both core and cutting samples from a large number of wells in Cyrenaica establishes a series of assemblage range zones with nominated zo al taxa. This scheme not only facilitates more accurate correlation within the Libyan region but also provides a formal basis for more precise assessment of intra-basin correlation within North Africa and the opportunity to determine the extent of palaeolatitudinal variation between North Africa and the standard reference sections in northwest Europe.


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