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Making an Old Gem Sparkle: The Rejuvenation of McAllen Ranch Field, Texas

HILL, D. P., Shell Western E&P Inc., Houston, TX, R. B. LENNON, Consultant, Houston, TX, and C. L. WRIGHT, Pecten International, Houston, TX

Over the last three years, Shell's McAllen Ranch field in Hidalgo County, Texas, has increased daily production rates nearly 300%.

This dramatic increase in production is due to a combined program of recompletions, comingling, and an aggressive development campaign supported by a 3-D seismic survey. The development program has been very successful; the first 18 wells have booked over 100 bcf of gas, and additional locations are being evaluated.

This paper highlights the development program which concentrated on optimizing well locations through a better understanding of structure and stratigraphy. A detailed study of the "S" sand in north McAllen has shown this reservoir to be a stratigraphic trap with structurally related porosity development and capillarity-controlled downdip limits. Updip production limits have been identified by the event amplitude on the 3-D seismic curvey and are supported by well control. Structural mapping from the 3-D survey was combined with detailed isopach mapping of individual sands to optimally locate development wells for highest reserve recovery.


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