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Geologic Interpretations of Richton Salt Dome: A Proposed Nuclear Waste Repository Site

GEORGE, SHERI M., No affiliation, St. Rose, LA

Richton salt dome, located in southeastern Mississippi, was one of nine candidate sites selected by the Department of Energy in 1983 for consideration as a high-level nuclear waste repository. Since that time, there have been numerous investigations into the geological and hydrogeological aspects of the area. These reports have addressed some or all of the issues pertaining to characterization of hydrogeological parameters, dissolution, groundwater travel paths, and residence times. Collectively, they have stressed the need for further data acquisition and study. These investigations to date have covered a broad area encompassing several counties in southeastern Mississippi. More often than not, these studies did not use all of the well data available in the area or the studies were c mpleted on a scale too large to adequately define the lithology and correlation of sediments immediately over Richton dome. This report used available data from 128 wells located directly above and adjacent to Richton dome. Lithologic cross sections and structure contour maps were then produced to define the lithology of the sediments over the dome. Plan views and three-dimensional views generated from this material offered, for the first time, visual evidence of current dissolution processes that had previously been regarded as inconclusive.


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