--> --> Abstract: Mining Problems Caused by Tectonic Stress in Illinois Basin, by W. J. Nelson; #91005 (1991).

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Mining Problems Caused by Tectonic Stress in Illinois Basin

NELSON, W. JOHN, Illinois State Geological Survey, Champaign, IL

The Illinois basin coalfield is subject to a contemporary tectonic stress field in which the principal compressive stress axis (s1) is horizontal and strikes N60 degrees E to east-west. This stress is responsible for widespread development of "kind zones" and directional roof failures in mine headings driven perpendicular to s1. Also, small thrust faults perpendicular to s1 and joints parallel to s1 weaken the mine roof and occasionally admit water and gas to workings, depending upon geologic setting. The direction and magnitude of stress have been identified by a variety of techniques that can be applied both prior to mining and during development. Mining experience shows that the best method of minimizing stress-related problems is to drive mine headings at about 45 degrees to s1.


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