--> Abstract: Surface Expressions of Subsurface Structures in Parts of the Michigan and Illinois Basins, by J. D. Herman; #91005 (1991).

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Surface Expressions of Subsurface Structures in Parts of the Michigan and Illinois Basins

HERMAN, JOHN D., GeoSpectra Corporation, Ann Arbor, MI

Study of glacial geology, stream drainage, bedrock topography, and subsurface structure maps in Isabella, Midland, Arenac, Gladwin, Clare, Ogemaw, Iosco, Mecosta, and Montcalm counties in Michigan revealed distinct correlations between patterns and types of glacial deposits and subsurface structures. Anticlinal structures associated with the Mt. Pleasant, North Buckeye, and South Buckeye, Hamilton, Deep River, Clayton, Logan, Six Lakes, and West Branch oil and gas fields occur along areas where northeast-trending glacial moraines are truncated, attenuated, or deviated. Furthermore, these anticlinal structures are associated with lacustrine sands and gravels and glacial outwash deposits nearly surrounded by glacial tills or lacustrine sands and clays. All of the anticlinal structures a e associated with bedrock topography highs and alignment of streams parallel to the trends of the structures.

Comparison of images of subsurface structure and surface elevation data covering the northern part of the Illinois basin showed distinct correlations between glacial moraine patterns and subsurface structural trends. The Pesotum and Arcola end moraines bracket the major anticlinal structure at the Hayes oil field. The Westfield, Nevins, and Paris moraines are truncated or attenuated where they intersect the surface projections of the subsurface LaSalle anticlinal belt and the anticlinal structure associated with the Mattoon oil field.

These correlations among subsurface structure, bedrock topography, and surface glacial features indicate that the subsurface structural configuration influenced glacial depositional patterns in detectable and predictable ways, even in areas blanketed by over 100 ft of Wisconsin glacial drift.


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