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Multidisciplinary Analysis, Facies Architecture, and Predicitive Model of a Shelf-Edge Deltaic Reservoir System, Mississippi Canyon 109, Gulf of Mexico

YEILDING, CINDY A., and WAYNE W. WILSON, BP Exploration, Houston, TX

The Mississippi Canyon 109 field (offshore Louisiana) comprises middle Pliocene reservoirs in a stratigraphic/structural trap. A 3-D seismic survey, well logs, and lithologic data were integrated and used to develop detailed reservoir and depositional models. Early drilling results suggested a strong correlation of seismic amplitude to hydrocarbons. Later drilling confirmed this hypothesis and subsequently net pay maps were generated from the 3-D data using detailed seismic time-amplitude relationships. These maps illustrate the complexities of the reservoir sands and have been used to plan further drilling in the field.

In addition to defining reservoir characteristics, the 3-D seismic data, conventional and sidewall cores, and dipmeter and log data were integrated to generate a depositional model for two series of clinoforms (hydrocarbon-bearing, outbuilding delta complexes). Each clinoform has a lower chaotic seismic facies capped by an upper parallel facies. Conventional core and dipmeter data were used to calibrate stratal characteristics to seismic facies, revealing that the chaotic facies is composed of slumped sands and shales (delta front slumps) while the upper unit is composed of interbedded sands and shales (mouth bars). Other seismic facies include a subparallel facies of laminated sands and shales (turbidites/distal deltaics), a parallel facies representing shale intervals, and a silty, eflection-free zone (channel fill).

Both the geologic and reservoir models have been successfully tested by most recent drilling, enabling the field to be approved for commercial development. The 32 slot platform is scheduled to be installed in 1991, with development drilling to commence shortly thereafter.


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