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The Ingredients of a Successful Previous HitFieldNext Hit Extension--Lake Washington Previous HitFieldNext Hit, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

ROBERTS, DWIGHT E. "SKIP," Consultant, Southlake, TX

Old oil and gas Previous HitfieldNext Hit often lack the integration of modern seismic and paleontology. As the result, additional reserves can be overlooked. The 1985 discovery on the southeast flank of Lake Washington Previous HitfieldNext Hit by Rosewood Resources, Inc., et al., is such an Previous HitexampleNext Hit. Located 40 mi south-southeast of New Orleans is Lake Washington Previous HitfieldNext Hit, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. The Previous HitfieldNext Hit was discovered in 1931 and has produced in excess of 350 MMBOE from over 400 wells completed

in numerous upper and middle Miocene deltaic sands. The tectonic setting is that typically associated with a piercement salt/shale diapir. With the complexity of normal listric and radial faulting, sand/shale pinch-outs, and unconformities, the development of the discovery had to incorporate all information from the geoscientists and engineers. In assembling the subsurface maps, the reservoir model had to honor the seismic, paleontology, and individual well production performances. Six fold seismic Previous HitdataNext Hit shot in 1968 on the southeast flank of the Previous HitfieldNext Hit identified two main bounding down-to-the-coast normal listric faults forming the fault trap. This untested fault block was originally drilled in 1982. Due to mechanical problems, the well was abandoned. Before abandonment, a TDTK log was run. Because of poor gamma-ray and sigma response and no mud-log shows, the company elected to plug the well. The poor gamma-ray and sigma response was due to masking caused by the thick casing dollars. The lack of shows in the Textularia "L" section was due to an overbalanced mud system, as the well drilled through the highly permeable, unconsolidated, and subnormally pressured sands. In 1984, new 24 fold seismic Previous HitdataNext Hit were shot. The updated interpretation of the seismic and subsurface Previous HitdataTop, along with a detail bathymetric ecological study, was incorporated into the geological model. This synergism of the disciplines resulted in the discovery of an additional 8 MMBO.


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