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Mississippi Canyon 194, Gulf of Mexico: Development Case History/Geophysical Summary

KOHLI, MADHU, Shell Offshore Inc., New Orleans, LA

A 3-D geophysical survey acquired at Cognac (MC 194 field) nine years after the first production shows the effect of reservoir drainage. A redevelopment program currently in progress targeted wells for oil bypassed due to poor sweep efficiency and/or small faults. Revised structural interpretation based on the 3-D showed several additional opportunities in new fault blocks. Attribute measurements were done at all levels where the pay sand was amplitude supported. These data were then tied in great detail with the geology and the production data available for the different reservoirs. Based on the results of the development wells, a good 3-D seismic survey can help locate fluid contacts, detect small faults (plus or minus 50 ft), and reduce dry hole and marginal well risks with better lacement of wells.


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