--> --> Abstract: Global Change: The New Challenge for the Fossil Carbon Industries, by W. S. Fyfe; #91004 (1991)
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Global Change: The New Challenge for the Previous HitFossilNext Hit Carbon Industries

FYFE, W. S., University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada

Human population growth, at 90 million more per year and at least 10 billion next century, is forcing a re-examination of our values and technologies. Technology concerns are energy, food production, water and air quality, and waste disposal. All of these involve exact knowledge of the outer few km of our planet because this film forms the basis of all our resources.

A great new challenge faces people with expertise in the fine structure and dynamics of the porous-cracked outer layers of earth. Much of this expertise is centered in the Previous HitfossilNext Hit carbon industries. All must be involved in the problems of water supply, soil conservation, waste disposal, and clean energy production. Perhaps the greatest question facing the Previous HitfossilNext Hit Previous HitfuelTop industry concerns whether greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced.


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