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ABSTRACT: Scanning--An Alternative to Microfiche

Peter Zwang

The recent advances in hardware and software have made document scanning a viable alternative to microfiche for the storing of large maps and engineering drawings. The wide acceptance of CAD in the geologic workplace has increased the need to be able to convert old drawings and maps to CAD drawings quickly and effectively. Large format scanners have become a cost-effective alternative to microfiche. New mass storage devices for the PC and Workstation allow the storage of several giga-bytes of data to be on line. District and regional offices can now afford to have a complete set of engineering drawings at a reasonable price.

Database products are now available to allow the on-line retrieval, through standard database inquiries, of scanned drawings, CAD drawings, and other text. These images or drawings can be reviewed quickly on screen or printed to a laser or dot matrix printer. Scanned images can be merged with CAD information and printed as a hybrid drawing or converted entirely to CAD format for inclusion into a new drawing.

A broad list of hardware and software alternatives will be discussed to acquaint the audience with the technology that is available.

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