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ABSTRACT: Cenozoic Tectonic Evolution and Petroleum Exploration in Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea

Chi Yukun, Xu Shice

The Pearl River Mouth basin is a large Cenozoic continental margin basin that is rich in hydrocarbon potential. Fluvial-lake sequences were deposited before Oligocene, but all were covered by Miocene marine clastic and carbonate rocks. Both paleo-Pearl River delta system and reef/bank carbonate system were widely developed. At the early stage of the evolution, two subsidence belts and one uplift between them distributed in NE regional direction; grabens occurred in the north belt and depressions in the south belt. Tectonic movement was stronger in the east than the west. The main production zones have been drilled both in Miocene sandstone and carbonate rocks. As the exploration activities are developing, the basin will be one of the most significant China offshore oil pr duction areas.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90097©1990 Fifth Circum-Pacific Energy and Mineral Resources Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, July 29-August 3, 1990