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ABSTRACT: Exchange Format for Transfer of Geologic and Petroleum Data: AAPG-B

Harry O. Waller, Don O. Guinn, Mark A. Herkommer, Brian R. Shaw

Comments received since the publication of "Exchange Format for Transfer of Geologic and Petroleum Data" by Brian R. Shaw and Harry O. Waller revealed the need for more flexibility with the AAPG-A format. This need has resulted in the AAPG-B exchange format. Due to the large size of some of the data sets that geologists work with, an unlimited number of data fields can now be specified. In like manner, an unlimited number of data records can be exchanged. To achieve clear communications, comments can be inserted anywhere, even between data records. Also, continuation records can be specified so that no record need be truncated. This will aid in documenting data transfer. The American Petroleum Institute has assisted by supplying an ANSI envelope developed for this format hich will permit the electronic transfer of data sets between any two ANSI installations with verification. We believe we have taken a significant step to make the format capable of being able to meet universal data transfer requirements.

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