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ABSTRACT: Some Chemical Aspects of Diagenetic Carbonates from the Miocene of Sitakund, Bangladesh

Syed H. Akhter, Sifatul Q. Chowdhury, Nazrul I. Khandaker, Faruque Khan

A preliminary chemical and petrological study was done of the Miocene limestone and its comparison with surrounding and overlying marine shales. The material for these studies was obtained from the Miocene Surma sediments exposed in Sitakund region, Chittagong, Bangladesh. These limestones occur in a predominantly marine shale sequence and show an apparent angular structural relationship with respect to the host marine shales. Three types of carbonates are recognized: banded limestone, dark laminated limestone, and argillaceous limestone. These are devoid of any skeletal remains and often show recrystallization phenomena. Carbonate mineral phases included calcite, aragonite, dolomite, and more rarely magnesite and ankerite. Noncarbonate fraction shows quartz, although ver fine grained, is intricately intergrown, indicating that it is at least recrystallized, if not authigenic. Petrographic study of these carbonates show a great variability in terms of texture and composition and suggest a complex multistep and presumably continuous diagenesis. Relatively high REE (rare earth elements) abundances in these carbonates are most likely due to diagenesis and incorporation of mobile REE from local detrital phases into diagenetic carbonates. The anomalously low abundances of cerium in all the carbonates indicates a predominantly marine source for the REE. Recrystallization of carbonate resulted in the extensive exchange of Sr and O between carbonate and diagenetic fluid, the latter being low in REE/Ca ratios. Associated marine shales have quite dissimilar trace- lement signatures. This may reflect uncommon crustal sources of REE for the carbonates and clastics. The enrichment of Ni and Zn in marine shales are related to the proximality of local bedrock source areas and clay minerals in the marine sediments.

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