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Distinguished Lecture Tours, 1989-1990

Search and Discovery Article #91001 (1990)
Posted December 7, 2009.



Basin Evolution Along Active Transform Margin: Los Angeles Basin,
      Kevin T. Biddle

New Role of Petroleum Geochemistry in Quantitative Prospect Evaluation and Basin Assessment,
      Jim Brooks

Development Geology--Advances in the Eighties, Prospects for the Nineties,
      N. J. Ebanks, Jr.

Divergent/Passive Margin Basins,
      John D. Edwards

Style and Balance of Extensional Structures,
      Richard H. Groshong

Role of Compaction in Determining Sandstone Porosity,
      David W. Houseknecht

Interior Cratonic Sag Basins,
      Morris W. Leighton

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge--Petroleum Potential in One of the Last Alaskan Frontiers,
      Leslie B. Magoon

Sedimentary Provinces: Plate Tectonic Classification and Hydrocarbon Habitat, Africa, Middle East, and South America,
      Frank J. Picha

Field and Modeling Studies of Cyclic Carbonates: A Predictive Tool for Petroleum Exploration,
      James Frederick Read

Sedimentary Signatures--Tectonics Vs. Eustasy,
      Peter R. Vail