--> History of Petroleum Industry Symposium, September 17-20, 1989, Titusville, Pennsylvania; Abstracts, #91028 (1989).

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History of Petroleum Industry Symposium

September 17-20, 1989, Titusville, Pennsylvania

Search and Discovery Article #91028 (2010)

Posted December 20, 2010

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Petroleum Industry in the Amadeus Basin, Central Australia,
      Dennis D. Benbow

Petroleum Production in Saudi Arabia,
      Saleh M. Billo

Giant Chicontepec Field of East-Central Mexico,
      Daniel A. Busch

Finding Oil in Brazil,
      Carlos Walter Marinho Campos and Patrick J. V. Delaney

American Energy Security: The Vacuum of Political Will in the Nation's Capital,
      Stephen P. Chamberlain

African Oil Plays,
      Andrew J. Clifford

Pennsylvania's Contribution to Petroleum Geology,
      Parke A. Dickey

From Gushers to Reserve Growth: A Brief History of Texas Oil,
      William L. Fisher

Exploration Challenges in the Gulf of Mexico,
      David S. Holland

Seismic Signature of Serpentine Plugs in the Maverick Basin,
      James O. Lewis

New Maturin Basin, Venezuela,
      Anibal R. Martinez

Lima-Indiana Fields (1884-1910): The Shotgun Approach to Exploration and the Infancy of Petroleum Geology,
      Andy Maslowski

History of Exploration in Argentina,
      Luis Alberto Rey

Evolution of Oil and Gas Recovery in the United States,
      D. Root, E. Attanasi, C. Masters, and J. Wood

Early Exploration for Hydrocarbons in the North American Arctic,
      Earle F. Taylor

Historical Development of the Allegany Field--New York and Pennsylvania,
      Arthur M. Van Tyne

History of Subtle Trap Exploration, Rocky Mountain Region, U.S.A.,
      Robert J. Weimer

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