--> --> ABSTRACT: Deep Coal Resources in the Cherokee Group (Middle Pennsylvanian) in Eastern Kansas, by Lawrence L. Brady and Neal D. Livingston; #91022 (1989)
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Deep Coal Resources in the Cherokee Group (Middle Pennsylvanian) in Eastern Kansas

Lawrence L. Brady, Previous HitNealTop D. Livingston

Evaluation of over 800 gamma-ray/density and gamma-ray/neutron logs run for oil and gas tests in eastern Kansas shows a wide distribution of coal in the Cherokee Group in this area. With nearly 300 million tons (270 million metric tons) of high-volatile bituminous coal produced in southeastern Kansas, this group was important for further evaluation. Studies of the coals in the Cherokee Group too deep to strip mine in the Cherokee basin and the Forest City basin indicate a coal resource of nearly 50 billion tons (45 billion metric tons). This figure represents coal from 27 different coal beds in the three reliability categories of measured, indicated, and inferred. Most of the coal is recognized as thin bedded (< 28 in. or < 70 cm) like most of the coal beds in the o tcrop belt in southeastern Kansas. Six coal beds with a total of over 1.4 billion tons (1.3 billion metric tons) of resources are present where coal thicknesses exceed 42 in. (105 cm) in parts of 12 different counties.

Resource quantities of the Cherokee Group coal beds were made using Pacer and Garnet software developed for the National Coal Resources Data System (NCRDS) of the U.S. Geological Survey.

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