--> --> ABSTRACT: Integrated Dynamic Modeling of Basins and Hydrocarbon Maturation, Migration, and Accumulation, by J. T. Kuo and G. P. Shi; #91035 (2010)
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Integrated Dynamic Modeling of Basins and Hydrocarbon Previous HitMaturationTop, Migration, and Accumulation

J. T. Kuo, G. P. Shi

An initial attempt has been made to model dynamically the formation and evolution of sedimentary basins, compaction of sediments, compaction-induced expulsion of fluids, and the formation, primary migration and accumulation of hydrocarbons in the basin as a complete system.

This model has been tested against the Los Angeles basin and, in particular, the Wilmington oil field. It appears that such an integrated simulation to a petroleum-bearing basin is feasible using reservoir simulation, geological, and geochemical data.

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