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Compilation of Coal-Bed Folios to Characterize Coal-Thickness and Coal-Quality Distribution in Eastern Kentucky Coalfield

Richard E. Sergeant, O. Barton Davidson, James C. Cobb

Coal-bed folios are currently being prepared for major coal beds in the Eastern Kentucky coalfield. These comprehensive folios contain information on geologic setting, coal setting, coal quality, coal resources, and environments of deposition for each of the selected coal beds. Additionally, each folio contains a series of maps (at a scale of 1:500,000) and geologic cross sections. Individual structure, isopach, coal-quality (sulfur, ash, and Btu), and overburden maps are prepared in conjunction with longitudinal and transverse geologic cross sections. The folios are compiled using field-measurement and chemical-analysis data maintained by the Kentucky Geological Survey in its Kentucky Coal Resources Information System (KCRIS). KCRIS is a computer-based, fully integrated ata storage and retrieval system that contains coal-thickness measurements, coal-quality analyses, core descriptions, petrographic analyses, and lithologic descriptions. Maps and cross sections for the coal-bed folios are computer generated using coal-thickness and coal-quality information from the KCRIS data set. Grid matrices are prepared for the appropriate coal-thickness measurements or coal-quality parameters. These grids are then modeled or contoured on the Survey's computer system using MINEX software, and the resulting plot files are then plotted on a multi-pen or ink-jet plotter.

The maps contained in these coal-bed folios are used to determine how tectonics and basin geometry may have affected coal-thickness and coal-quality trends. Information of this nature is particularly useful for exploration, mine planning, resource calculations, prediction of coal-quality trends, and coal-bed correlations.

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