--> ABSTRACT: Fracture Characterization from Well Logs, by R. A. Plumb; #91030 (2010)
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Fracture Characterization from Well Logs

R. A. Plumb

New well logging techniques are providing high-resolution fracture characterization in situ. Quantitative geometric and mechanical data acquired include fracture plane and bedding plane locations and orientations, relative fracture aperture, fracture morphology, and contemporary stress directions. The logging methods and interpretation techniques are presented for mapping fractures and stress directions. Using these data we construct geologic models of the near-well-bore reservoir revealing fracture patterns, clusters of high fracture density, fracture spacing, and fracture connectivity trends. This information provides a sound geologic basis for estimating the directions of reservoir Previous HitanisotropyNext Hit and for zoning reservoirs into domains of similar parameters (porosity, perme bility, Previous HitanisotropyTop). Illustrative examples from fractured reservoirs will be given and implications for fractured reservoir modeling will be discussed.

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