--> --> ABSTRACT: Three-Dimensional Seismic Evaluation of Reservoir Continuity and Four-Dimensional Seismic Monitoring of an EOR Process, by Robert J. Greaves and Joseph R. Davis; #91030 (2010)
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Three-Dimensional Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Evaluation of Reservoir Continuity and Four-Dimensional Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Monitoring of an EOR Process

Robert J. Greaves, Joseph R. Davis

The technology of three-dimensional reflection seismology has developed to the point where detailed mapping of some reservoir characteristics can be done in manner useful to field development. Two examples of the analysis of high-resolution Previous HitseismicNext Hit data for reservoir studies are presented here.

In the first example, the reflection trace amplitude and the calculated Previous HitseismicNext Hit attributes of a three-dimensional survey delineate a discontinuous section of reservoir sand and effectively map sand thickness. When local structure is statically removed from the Previous HitseismicNext Hit data, time slices through the three-dimensional data volume are interpreted as horizon slices. By correlation of subsurface well information with Previous HitseismicNext Hit character, variations in Previous HitseismicNext Hit attributes on the horizon slices are interpreted as maps of lateral changes in reservoir parameters.

The second example shows the results obtained using three-dimensional Previous HitseismicNext Hit data to monitor the progress of an in-situ fireflood test. Three sets of three-dimensional Previous HitseismicNext Hit data were recorded in an identical manner over the test area during a 1-year period. Taken as a whole, the Previous HitseismicNext Hit data have a fourth dimension, calendar time. By comparison and direct integration of the data sets, it is possible to map the propagation of the fireflood in the reservoir over time and calculate a net burn thickness map from Previous HitseismicNext Hit amplitudes calibrated with post-burn core information. These examples are from small reservoir tests related to the EOR pilots, but as the results imply, the same combinations of three-dimensional Previous HitseismicTop and subsurface will control can be applied to large-scale field evelopment.

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