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3-D Modeling as an Integrated Part of a Comprehensive Exploration System

Lars, Sonneland, Jan-Helge Nitteberg, Jan Ekern

Modeling is a versatile tool in seismic exploration. The applications of seismic modeling are well known both in survey planning, velocity analysis, interpretation, and mapping.

This paper deals with the modeling tool as an integrated part of an exploration system. We will discuss the requirements modeling has imposed on other components in the exploration system. In particular the implications on the interpretation systems will be covered. The structural building of the geomodel or the reservoir is a crucial part of both an interpretation system and a modeling system. Our solution will be presented.

Further, this paper covers the use of modeling as an aid in the interpretation of problems like (1) tying logs from deviated wells to time-migrated seismic sections, (2) quantifying the effects of faults on the mapping of deeper layers, (3) quantifying the seismic "visibility" of thin shale layers, (4) identifying leaking faults, and (5) identifying stratigraphic barriers.

Ultimately the potential of the solid modeling concept in a reservoir description system will be pointed out.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #91038©1987 AAPG Annual Convention, Los Angeles, California, June 7-10, 1987.