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Improving User Productivity in Contour Mapping Applications Through Application of Expert Systems Technology

Michael A. Haecker, Michael J. Kilpatrick

The computer contour mapping process at major energy companies tends to involve large, sophisticated software systems that are hard to set up and require significant computer resources. There are usually only a few experts in each company who are available to assist the users of these sophisticated contour mapping systems, and these experts are overloaded.

This expert system has combined enhanced gridding and contouring algorithms with rule-based decision modules to produce a "contouring engine" aimed at significantly increasing user productivity in a production-oriented batch/interactive computer environment. Expert systems technology was used to build decision software modules which could be linked into the existing processes, running in the system's native language (FORTRAN) and on conventional (VAX/VMS) hardware. The rule-based decision modules assist the user in input selection, monitor the compute-bound algorithmic processes, and determine appropriate graphics output specifications. The decision modules are configurable to each corporate site's needs and can be maintained by personnel with no experience in Al (LISP, PROLOG) langua es.

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