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Successes and Failures of Recording and Interpreting Seismic Data in Structurally Complex Area: Seismic Case History

Vance C. Morse, James H. Johnson, James L. Crittenden, Tom D. Anderson

There are successes and failures in recording and interpreting a single seismic line across the South Owl Creek Mountain fault on the west flank of the Casper arch. Information obtained from this type of work should help explorationists who are exploring structurally complex areas. A depth cross section lacks a subthrust prospect, but is illustrated to show that the South Owl Creek Mountain fault is steeper with less apparent displacement than in areas to the north. This cross section is derived from two-dimensional seismic modeling, using data processing methods specifically for modeling. A flat horizon and balancing technique helps confirm model accuracy. High-quality data were acquired using specifically designed seismic field parameters. We concluded that the methodol gy used is valid, and an interactive modeling program in addition to cross-line control can improve seismic interpretations in structurally complex areas.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #91043©1986 AAPG Annual Convention, Atlanta, Georgia, June 15-18, 1986.