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A Microcomputer-Based Geologic Well Data Base Management System

M. D. Harrison, G. Morris

Using a microcomputer-based system with a geologic well data base, the exploration geologist can efficiently manage large amounts of data. Software developed by G.A.P.S. Geological Consultants (UK) is used to demonstrate the storage, retrieval, and graphical representation of information in a well data base. Well header information, engineering data, lithological, chronological, and/or stratigraphic tops, lithological data, and wireline logs can be stored in this data base. These data can then be accessed to aid the exploration geologist in producing listings, lithological logs, cross-sections, and maps. Wireline logs in conjunction with lithological data and tops are used to show how correlation can be achieved interactively on screen.

There will be a brief discussion on the pros and cons of microcomputer stand-alone workstations and the linking of microcomputers to mainframe data bases.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #91043©1986 AAPG Annual Convention, Atlanta, Georgia, June 15-18, 1986.