--> --> ABSTRACT: Geology of Natural Gas Reservoir: Upper Travis Peak Formation, Western Flank of Sabine Uplift, East Texas, by Michael A. Fracasso; #91043 (2011)

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Geology of Natural Gas Reservoir: Upper Travis Peak Formation, Western Flank of Sabine Uplift, East Texas

Michael A. Fracasso

The Travis Peak Formation (Lower Cretaceous) in the eastern East Texas basin represents a sand-rich, fluvial-deltaic depositional system. This lobate, high-constructive deltaic system prograded radially to the southeast from an Upshur County locus. Regional studies of the Travis Peak established a threefold internal stratigraphic framework: a middle sand-rich fluvial and delta-plain sequence is gradationally overlain and underlain by a marine-influenced delta-fringe zone with a higher mud content. The entire Travis Peak succession thins over the Bethany dome on the western flank of the Sabine uplift. However, the delta-fringe sequences are relatively thicker over the structure because of a disproportionately greater thinning of the middle sandy fluvial-deltaic sequence. L sser sand deposition over the Bethany dome reflects an active structural control over facies distribution. Gas production in the Bethany field and surrounding area is concentrated in thin zones (5-15 ft) of the upper delta-fringe sequence. This distribution probably reflects the increased abundance of mudstone beds in the upper delta-fringe interval, which may have served as source rocks or barriers to upward gas migration, or as both. The predominant trapping mechanism in this region is stratigraphic sand pinch-out in a structurally updip direction on the flanks of major structures.

Studies of core and closely spaced electric logs west of the Bethany dome help define the depositional systems in the upper delta-fringe producing interval. This sequence comprises a complex mosaic of continental and marine facies, and exhibits an overall upward trend of increasing marine influence that spans a gradual transition into transgressive carbonates of the Sligo Formation.

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