--> Abstract: Digital Image Processing of Potential Field Data, by R. J. Blackwell, J. D. Addington; #90961 (1978).
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Abstract: Previous HitDigitalNext Hit Image Previous HitProcessingNext Hit of Potential Field Data

R. J. Blackwell, J. D. Addington

Using Previous HitdigitalNext Hit image Previous HitprocessingNext Hit techniques, it is possible to survey data from multiple natural force fields in a coherent, unified manner. Methods and techniques have been developed at Jet Propulsion Laboratory's image Previous HitprocessingNext Hit laboratory which will permit the explorationist to examine, understand, and quantify the correlation between separate natural or induced force-field measurements of the same disturbing source or anomaly. Gravity, magnetic, and heat flow data are examples of the type of force-field data used thus far in this unified approach to the analysis of geophysical exploration data. We feel that this technique can be of great assistance in the geologic interpretation of energy and mineral resource target areas.

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