--> 1977 AAPG Southwest Section Meeting, March 6-8, 1977, Abilene, Texas, - Abstracts, #90970 (1977).

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AAPG Southwest Section Meeting
March 6-8, 1977, Abilene, Texas

Search and Discovery Article #90970 (1977)

Posted August 31, 2011


Oil and Gas Exploration and Development in Oil-Potash Area of Southeastern New Mexico,
      Raymond J. Cheeseman

Capitan "Reef": Evolution of a Concept,
      J. M. Cys, J. L. Brezina, and E. Greenwood

Evolution of Present-Day Seismic Exploration in Central Texas,
      John Daniels

Atoka Gas in Southern Cottle and Northern King Counties, Texas,
      H. S. Edwards

Environments of Evaporitic Sedimentation: Shallows, Sabkhas, Shelves, and Sumps,
      Robert Evans

Coal Deposits in Thurber Area, Texas,
      Lee Feemster

Sedimentology of Cretaceous Mesa Rica Sandstone, Tucumcari Basin, New Mexico,
      John E. Gage and George B. Asquith

Predicting Porosity Relations in Pennsylvanian Limestone Reservoirs,
      Alonzo D. Jacka

Texas Uranium,
      Barney C. McCasland, Jr.

Brooks Field, Southeast Midland Basin, Irion County, Texas,
      Elton Rodgers

South Texas Austin Chalk (Cretaceous) Play,
      Robert J. Scott and Jeff Prestridge

Statistical Summary of Wells Drilled Below 18,000 ft (5,486 m) in West Texas and Anadarko Basin,
      Richard Steinmetz

Gas Production from Tight Sandstones of Permian-Pennsylvanian Age, Val Verde Basin, Texas,
      Clayton Valder

Residual Bouguer Gravity Anomaly Analysis of Chihuahua and Trans-Pecos,
      Stephen K. Western and C. L. V. Aiken

Characterization of Oil Types in Permian Basin,
      J. A. Williams