--> Abstract: Detection of Petroleum-Related Soil Anomalies from LANDSAT, by Ronald W. Marrs, Barney Kaminsky; #90967 (1977).

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Abstract: Detection of Petroleum-Related Soil Anomalies from LANDSAT

Ronald W. Marrs, Barney Kaminsky

Geochemical prospecting for petroleum always has been critically limited by natural variations in soil character so that most of the subtler contrasts are produced by hydrocarbons seeping from subsurface petroleum reservoirs. Satellite imagery offers a synoptic view which may allow us to distinguish, on a broad scale, such subtle alteration patterns. Efforts by researchers to establish a relationship between tonal and spectral patterns interpreted from LANDSAT imagery and hydrocarbon reservoirs have proven inconclusive. Field mapping, field spectral measurements, geochemical analyses, and statistical analyses of spectral and geochemical values neither confirm the presence of hydrocarbon-related soil anomalies nor define the unique characteristics of areas identified as "anomalous" from LANDSAT imagery.

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