--> Abstract: Integration of LANDSAT and Geophysical Data in Northeastern Arizona, by S. I. Gutman, G. A. Heckmann; #90967 (1977).

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Abstract: Integration of LANDSAT and Geophysical Data in Northeastern Arizona

S. I. Gutman, G. A. Heckmann

A study was undertaken on behalf of the U.S. Geological Survey to examine ways in which LANDSAT data integrate with selected geophysical methods. This paper summarizes the results obtained for northeastern Arizona.

LANDSAT imagery with partial snow cover and a low sun angle was acquired to enhance structural features. A structural interpretation was performed on 1:500,000 scale false-color composites.

Residual magnetic intensity data derived from Sauk and Sumner's aeromagnetic survey of Arizona were continued to a common flight line elevation and contoured on a map. This map, along with other published data, was used to define the configuration of the magnetic basement and to identify any significant tectonic trends that might exist.

Bouguer gravity anomaly data, derived from several sources, were used to create the residual Bouguer anomaly map of northeastern Arizona for interpretation.

The results of these semiautonomous operations were then integrated to achieve, as closely as possible, an internally consistent final interpretation.

This interpretation has been analyzed in the light of the regional geophysics, geology, and the work of others, and its implications have been examined, particularly with respect to the oil and gas potential of northeastern Arizona.

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