--> Abstract: "PETROS"--Petrophysical Log and Core-Analysis System, by Bob Wylie, Jack Burke; #90968 (1977).

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Abstract: "PETROS"--Petrophysical Log and Core-Analysis System

Bob Wylie, Jack Burke

With the increase in availability of digital logs and computer-analysis techniques has come the pressure to make log analysts out of geologists, geologists out of geophysicists, and data processors out of everybody without an increase in costs or calling anyone a programmer. No one solution is perfect. The system described does require understanding and learning for all involved. However, by means of an internally complex log-data file-management system, PETROS is nearly optimum to both log analyst and geologist.

PETROS manages log data through a series of subsystems: data-input, graphic, processing, file-storage, and file-management. The recalibration, filtering, depth adjustment, and determination of statistics of the input data can be determined, understood, and accomplished with little effort and limited computer expertise. The extensive graphic options are available to test hypotheses interactively, create cross plots, or produce output logs. The processing system allows the user to obtain answers with minimum input-charge equations and apriori assumptions with all of the flexibility a log analyst might desire.

PETROS combines this with file management in which data in all stages of processing are stored and catalogued for comparative evaluation and/or further processing.

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