--> Abstract: Gray-Level Mapping of Geologic Data, by J. E. Robinson, S. Carroll; #90968 (1977).

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Abstract: Gray-Level Mapping of Geologic Data

J. E. Robinson, S. Carroll

Spatial geologic data that can be gridded and contoured also may be presented as gray-level plots through the same process used to prepare remotely sensed black and white or false-color images. The information appears as a photographic map with the numeric values represented by shades of gray. The technique is effective where large-scale regional maps must be reduced for visual display and interpretation.

If the geologic data first have been subjected to mathematic treatments, such as spatial filtering, that reduces the bulk data to a series of components. The new maps can be produced as film and transparent copies made with the gray-levels converted to shades of color. If three or more different color transparencies are superposed, the result is a color-additive process that can form a full-color display. The color displays are valuable for the interpretation of multicomponent and phase information that is difficult to describe on a simple contoured map.

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