--> Abstract: Future Oil and Gas Resources of USSR, by Danilo A. Rigassi; #90968 (1977).

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Abstract: Future Oil and Gas Resources of USSR

Danilo A. Rigassi

In 1974, the USSR became the leading oil producer in the world. Soviet gas production is increasing at such a pace that it is likely to rank first by 1983 to 1985. Estimating the future growth of Soviet petroleum production is of importance, for the production will have a direct impact on the overall industrial development of the USSR and the effect of Soviet oil and gas exports on the world market may increase. Any such estimate obviously has to be based on accurate reserve figures. The Soviet rating of reserves uses as many as seven different reserve categories, instead of the Western proven-probable-possible classification. Furthermore, oil-reserve figures generally are kept confidential in the USSR. A search of the vast Soviet oil geologic literature of the past 5 yea s gives figures which are believed to be reasonably correct. The results of this study are shown on maps of the USSR showing oil and gas fields, volume and nature of sediments, and amount of exploratory drilling in various Soviet petroleum basins, production and other graphs, and charts comparing main parameters of USSR petroleum provinces with those of selected oil and gas areas elsewhere in the world.

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