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Abstract: Energy Resource Data--Sources, Acquisition, Uses

Richard F. Meyer

Energy commodities include petroleum and natural gas in conventional deposits and in such unconventional occurrences as oil shale, tar sands, coal seams, tight sands, organic shales, gas hydrates, and geopressured formations; coal, uranium; and thorium. Data sources include industry, commercial services, and state and federal government. Data acquisition, requiring a distinction between proprietary and releasable, takes place through voluntary release by industry, ad-hoc negotiation, or government requirement. Both basic and aggregated data are compiled and distributed by industry, commercial services, and government. Industry uses resource data in annual company reports, for corporate planning, and to develop exploration strategy, secure needed financing, meeting governm nt data requirements and prepare reserve and resource assessments. Commercial services use the data for direct sale or to prepare interpretive reports. State government uses such data for tax purposes and to plan for future revenues from natural resources. Federal government uses include broad policy decisions, especially with respect to energy mixes, for audit of industry resources estimates, to prepare resource appraisals, for regulatory purposes, and to plot research and development strategies. Far more data are readily available for petroleum than for coal or nuclear energy. Most companies maintain ADP files for internal use. Commercial services maintain extensive data files, an example being the Petroleum Information Corporation Well History Control System. State governments use ADP files for periodic reports and frequently make the tapes publicly available. Federal government nonproprietary files are generally available to all users; an example is the Petroleum Data System, available on nationwide timesharing.

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