--> Abstract: Mapping Resources by Minicomputer, by M. J. McCullagh; #90968 (1977).

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Abstract: Mapping Resources by Minicomputer

M. J. McCullagh

Minicomputers have been overlooked and underused in the field of mapping natural resources and in topographic interpretation. In Bahrain, subsurface structures have been mapped (using water-borehole data) using a system operating on a PDP11 minicomputer.

Minicomputer systems can be made to handle large quantities of data gained from digitizing or other gathering processes. Very detailed grids developed from these data sets are useful for creating derivative maps, particularly those concerned with slope from topographic information.

Two-dimensional analysis of maps using FFTs and the possible development of topographic classifications using mapping procedures show analytic applications. The calculations in the analysis and their later display assume an integrated computer-software package in machine-independent form.

An example of one such system is MAPCAT. The purpose of the MAPCAT system is to analyze and display in the most advantageous form the salient features of any investigation of two-dimensional data. Considerable manipulation of large numbers of data and cartographic interpretative analysis can be achieved without a large or expensive computer installation.

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