--> Abstract: Petroleum Prospects of Continental Slopes and Rises, by Hollis D. Hedberg, J. D. Moody; #90968 (1977).

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Abstract: Petroleum Prospects of Continental Slopes and Rises

Hollis D. Hedberg, J. D. Moody

A review of the probable geology of continental slopes and rises over the world conclusively shows that the petroleum prospects of these oceanic realms are at least good enough to justify extensive exploration drilling, if, as, and when there is demand for petroleum at prices adequate to cover the costs of production in these environments. The technology is already essentially available for such production although future improvements continually will be making it more feasible. The controlling factors are largely economic and political--dependent on costs of operation and prices for the product, and on the nature of the political jurisdiction over these areas. Quantitative estimates of petroleum resources beneath the slopes and rises must be extremely conjectural at this stage, but the geologic setting for oil or gas accumulations is at least promising.

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